What is Sara Fern Jewelry?

The jewelry you choose to wear expresses your individuality, it inspires you to be who you want to be and helps make your inner light sparkle.  At Sara Fern Jewelry, each uniquely designed and handcrafted piece is made with love, care and attention to detail.  I incorporate silver leaf in many of my fused pieces and compliment the glass with semi precious gem stones like lapis or turquoise, as well as sterling silver chains and charms.  Our array of beautiful, unique jewelry pieces are light and comfortable, easy to wear, affordable, and create an effortless style. I love how no two pieces are alike, or as I like to say, a little serendipity in each piece.  We promise great customer service and all pieces arrive in a gift box with a card explaining the process, ready to give as a gift whether to yourself or someone else.